Mesa Tactical components for tac/shotguns

Mesa Tactical components for tac/shotguns

Mesa Tactical, a Costa Mesa, Ca, manufacturer of AR style stock and pistol grip mounting adapters, and Picatinny rails, for Remington, Mossberg, and Winchester tactical shotguns, is introducing an innovative professional grade of all-metal shotgun shell holders with storage capacity for either four, six, or eight 12 gauge shells.

Designed specifically for use with Mesa Tactical’s exclusive single-point mounting system, these new on-the-gun shell holders attach directly to the company’s AR stock adapters rather than the shotgun receiver. Machined from 6061-T6 hard anodized aircraft aluminum, they also incorporate an entirely new internal elastomer shell retention system that eliminates the need for the flexible plastic shell retainers used on conventional shell holders.

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this stuff is great...fully intend to purcase the adapter asap.they also sell a hydraulic buffer tube to reduce recoil.the adapter comes it 2 styles for win and moss 3 for rem i belive.they have a high (pictured) low,for using sights or bead,and leo for rem,not quite sure what that one is but i think it is just a low profile without mounting holes for shell carier or somthing.cost of most adapters is about 100 and up i think.

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