Mexican Army Camp set up on Border of ABP Ranch Headquarters

Mexican Army Camp set up on Border of ABP Ranch Headquarters

Mexican Military at ABP Ranch
While on patrol with this morning, American Border Patrol’s German Shepherds began barking at something in Mexico. Glenn Spencer took a look and saw what he thought was an armed person. He returned later to take more photos and spotted what appeared to be Mexican soldiers. A U.S. Border Patrol agent said they appeared to be setting up camp. Sure enough, they were - right south of American Border Patrol's ranch! Later people at ABP's headquarters heard gun shots coming from the same direction. Spencer went to investigate. He spotted another U.S, Border Patrol agent about 1/4 mile from the camp location and asked him if he had heard gun shots. He said no. Spencer asked if he had seen the Mexican military. He said, "yeah." Spencer asked if he didn't' think it was unusual for the Mexican army to be camped that near the border and to hear gunshots. He said, no - they can fire their weapons any time they want. He said the Mexican military was there all the time. Spencer said that wasn't so and got into a rather heated discussion with the agent - who drove off in the opposite direction of the Mexicans.

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