Mexican Government Sanctions Illegal Border Crossing With Comic Book Instructions

Mexican Government Sanctions Illegal Border Crossing With Comic Book Instructions

By Digger

In December the Mexican government officially released a comic book that sanctions illegal aliens crossing our southern border. They claim it is to help migrant worker with the title The Guide for the Mexican Migrant, but upon viewing the comic book it shows illegal aliens crossing the Rio Grande, trapsing through Arizona,avoiding border patrol agents and instructs them on how to hide in American society so they aren't caught.
I'm a little late on covering the comic book and there is a lot of commentary across the web which I will list below.

There is an online version of the comic book at the Mexican government website here. You can also download a copy of the comic book here(758K PDF file).

There is a translated english version over at Is Full of Crap and QandO as well as at The Free Republic

Here's a quick excerpt from the Free Republic translation:

Crossing the river can be very risky, especially if you cross alone and at night..

Thick clothing increases your weight when wet and makes it hard to swim or float.

If you cross in the desert, try to travel when the heat is not so intense.

Highways and towns are very far apart, so that it could take you several days to find roads and you will not be able to carry food or water for that long; you could even get lost.

Salted water helps you retain body fluids. Although you get more thirsty, if you drink salted water the risk of dehydration is lessened.

Avoid a run in with Sgt Dave (aka runawaygun) because he can shoot you out to 800 metres.

Avoid calling attention to yourself, at least while you are arranging your residence papers to live in the United States

The slap in the face is the last page which says:
This consular protection guide is not promoting the crossing [of the border] of Mexicans without legal documentation required by the government of the United States; its objective is to make known the risks implied and to inform about the rights of migrants regardless of their legal residence.
So after instructing on how to cross without getting caught and/or injured illegally they then state that the comic book is all about legally migrating. There's not much in the comic about legally migrating other than a sentence or two at the beginning which then quickly disolves into the ins and outs of getting across illegally

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Oh, wait a minute. That's right, our Comrade-in-Chief is an open border advocate. I fucking hate our government.

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