Mexican warehouse exposes gun grabber cartel lies

Mexican warehouse exposes gun grabber cartel lies

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U.S. guns and Mexican criminal syndicates have been frequent topics of late, not because I have a special affinity for the relationship, but because the anti-gun government/activist/media coalition, henceforth referred to as the "gun grabber cartel," keeps forcing their spin on the connection down our throats. Before exploring new information, I'd like to recap where we've been to give an introduction to readers new to this and to refresh the memories of of regular readers.

We talked about the unspectacular results from "Operation Southbound Steel's" interdiction efforts, where Mississippi law enforcement intercepted some rather unremarkable guns and quantities, presumably en route from Atlanta to Mexico. Incidentally--no one else brought you this information.

We asked "Do 90% of Mexican 'crime guns' come from U.S.?" Unlike others asking this question, my analysis focused on the difference between when this claim is made to or parroted by the media and what the government actually testifies to under oath.

We next explored how we're being lied to about U.S. guns and Mexican crime, referring readers to some people who actually crunched the numbers on the "90%" canard.

We then explored the role the U.S. government has played in arming the cartels with exports. No one really thinks they get military-grade automatic weapons from gun shops and shows, do they? Besides useful idiots and mainstream reporters...? But I repeat myself.

We talked about how the Department of Homeland Security--you know, the folks who think if you're a Constitutionalist you may be a "right wing extremist"--repeats the 90% lie in it's ironically-titled "intelligence report."

And we tied it all in with how the Obama administration is using this as an excuse to sign onto more international gun treaties that will impose more citizen disarmament here at home.

Come we now to a new investigate report, from the Associated Press of all places. I'm astonished because it is not the usual ignorant propaganda I've come to expect. The headline says it all:

Mexico cartel weapons cache stymies tracing

And then we learn:

Deep inside a heavily guarded military warehouse, the evidence of Mexico's war on drug cartels is stacked two stories high: tens of thousands of seized weapons, from handguns and rifles to AK-47s...

In all, the military has 305,424 confiscated weapons locked in vaults, just a fraction of those used by criminals in Mexico...

A fraction? You mean there are...millions?

That ought to give us quite an inventory to trace, right? It ought to. But then we're told:

The Mexican government has handed over information to U.S. authorities to trace 12,073 weapons seized in 2008 crimes...

Wait a minute--they have the guns all neatly stored in a warehouse, inventoried, cataloged...if this is such a huge problem, we can't just get a printout? Mexican bureaucracy (if you buy into that being the real reason) won't allow it? So the easier solution is to adjust your and my rights accordingly?

But perhaps I'm being unfair. After all, we're told there's a Spanish language barrier that hampers the effort. Lord help us finding anyone in our government who can communicate in that obscure dialect.

And then we have this astounding admission:

About a third of the guns submitted for tracing in 2007 were sold by licensed U.S. dealers.

Really? Not 90% of "Mexican crime guns" (or "95% to 100%" if you shill for the Brady Campaign)?

And remember, that's a third of the relatively insignificant quantity of guns reported, vs. actually warehoused, and that assumes what is in official inventory reflects 100% of what has been seized. Any bets that it's even close?

Which is probably a good thing, because if it takes 100 newly-assigned "Project Gunrunner" ATF agents "(and those are in addition to the organization already in place!) to help unclog the 700-weapon backlog," imagine what a boondoggle it would be if you dropped 300,000+ serial numbers into their trough. Especially since, based on "time to crime," it looks like most of them are 14 years old!

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty much sick and tired of the transparent falsehoods that characterize so much of what the gun grabber cartel is all about. I hope you join me in correcting the record whenever you see them promulgated--that includes kicking your representatives' hind ends if you see them repeating the lies and firing off letters to the editor when they use phony numbers in their indignant disarmament rants. And I hope it angers you that we should even have to.

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David Codrea

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March 29, 9:54 AM

What does 'Operation Southbound Steel' tell us about smuggling U.S. guns to Mexico?

The ATF Atlanta Field Division put out a "request for information" for "Operation Southbound Steel" on March 26 "advising law enforcement agencies of a firearms trafficking trend that involves the movement of illegal firearms from Atlanta, GA to Mexico."


Within the last 5 months, Mississippi Law Enforcement affected 3 interdiction stops resulting in a total of 45 firearms seizures.

Oh? And what was seized? Well, let's see.

A March 18 stop yielded "6 firearms".

A consensual search of the vehicles revealed five 12 gauge shotguns and one .22 caliber rifle in the towed vehicle.

A February 3 stop turned up "4 firearms".

A consensual search of the vehicle disclosed a 12 gauge shotgun in the interior of the vehicle and three semi-automatic handguns...

They did somewhat better on a November 21 stop, which yielded "35 firearms," consisting of:

...23 long guns and 12 handguns; and approx. four thousand rounds of ammunition...

What is it we don't see in the advisory?

Characterization of any of the firearms as "assault weapons." And remember, this advisory covers a five-month span of activity.

Curious. Because their big push, coming straight from Eric Holder, is that U.S. "assault weapons" are enabling the Mexican drug cartel violence. That line is both our official domestic and foreign policy. And that is being used as justification to call for further restrictions on the rights of U.S. gun owners.

"Traditional media," of course, eats it right up. And if you think they like it now, just wait until they become official subsidized mouthpieces for the "progressive" overarching state they so love.

So why is it you're not hearing any of this from them?

At least you'll hear more about it from me. That's my intent, anyway...

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