Micki King

Micki King

U.S. Air Force
King also had a 26-year career in the U.S. Air Force from 1966-1992. While preparing for the 1972 Olympics, King trained at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado.[4] In 1973, she was assigned to instruct physical education and coach diving at the Air Force Academy, becoming the first woman to hold a faculty position at a U.S. military academy,[7][8] and the only female coach in any sport to coach a male athlete to an NCAA championship.[7][9] She coached Air Force divers to 11 All-America honors and four national titles, and was twice named NCAA Division II Coach of the Year. In 1992, King retired from the Air Force as a full colonel.

In 1976, King married Air Force pilot, Jim Hogue, and she changed her name during the marriage to Micki King Hogue. In 1982, King had a daughter, Michelle Hogue. In 1984, she had a son, Kevin Hogue.

While serving in the Air Force, King was a member of the committee that led the way for women to be admitted to the U.S. military academies. King’s daughter, Michelle Hogue, graduated from the Air Force Academy in 2004. At the time, King noted, “Never once in the two years of committee work did I ever dream that my own daughter would be a beneficiary.”[4] On her graduation, King’s daughter presented King with a class ring from the Academy. King noted, “She said if anybody should have a class ring, I should.”[4]

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What a great story..

Pkato.. This is one great post.. I love the second and third "generation" warrior thing, and now we have them with women as well... Wonderful..

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