JP MOR-07 Manually Operated Rifle
The first time I shot the International Tactical Rifle Championship (ITRC) in Gillette, Wyoming, I was hooked. This event involves two-man teams hiking over a long five-mile course to find targets in the natural terrain while ranging and calculating wind dope to make difficult shots at ranges up to 1000 yards. It is the most physically and technically demanding event of its type anywhere outside of real combat. Military special operators and FBI HRT members show up every year to test their skills because there is no training available through their respective agencies that can duplicate this match. I knew we had to build a long-range manual rifle just for this kind of application, and here it is: the MOR-07.

The MOR-07 features a benchrest-quality short action with the best of everything including a spiral-fluted bolt for dirt clearance and a large knob on the bolt handle for ease of operation. We use a Jewel single-stage 700 match trigger set to your specification between one to three pounds. The cryogenically treated Lilja air-gauged benchrest barrel with the JP Tactical Series Compensators and the new JP tactical bolt gun chassis system. The MOR-07 also has a line of bore in the same relative position as an AR-10-type rifle, which produces much faster sight recovery and better ergonomics.

The new JP tactical bolt gun chassis system (patent applied for) is a three-piece modular design allowing for more versatility than any similar chassis now available. It consists of an action block, forend section and a buttstock. This allows for a number of combinations that can more precisely fit the application or the needs of the shooter. Our first action block will fit any Remington 700 short action or clone thereof and will soon be available for several other popular actions such as the Savage 110 series or Winchester M70 series. We have three forend options including a wide and flat forend like that of a bench rifle stock, a more traditional tactical rifle shaped forend and finally, a tubular hand guard forend similar to our gas guns, which can utilize all our tactical rail kits. The buttstock section is detachable and will feature a fully adjustable composite stock. You can also buy the chassis system alone to use with your own action. The chassis comes with one 10-round magazine but will also accept many readily available 5-round magazines.

Once again, JP is way outside the box with the MOR-07 and it is the sure choice over other completing platforms in this price range.

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Just seen the MOR-7

on the Outdoor channel the show Shooting Galley TV.

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