More New York Gun Control Measures

More New York Gun Control Measures

April 30, 2009

(Albany, New York) The controversy regarding "microstamping" of bullet casings continues among New York lawmakers. The issue has been raised before but never signed into law.

However, the microstamping bill is just one of a number of gun control measures being addressed this week.

The bills under consideration also create new rules for gun storage and weapons safety classes, require guns be childproof, require background checks for pawn shop gun purchases, prohibit bullets designed to fragment upon impact, ban weapons of .50 caliber or larger and empower courts to revoke gun licenses of individuals considered a threat to the public.
Gun advocates say the bills just harass legal gun owners while doing nothing to stem the illegal use of guns. The measures have failed in previous years but, with the Democrats surging into power last fall, there is worry that some may be passed into law.

The bills on microstamping and banning .50-caliber weapons passed the Assembly. Next, they go to the Senate for more debate.

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The State Police in Maryland told the administration that after trial that micro-stamping would not work. They also said they wanted to close the state directed operation to save money and manpower. Ooohh Noo, The politicians directed them to stay open and funded $1M + of the taxpayers money. F---ing, go figure !

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Guns Magazine
JUNE 2009

David Codrea
An Anti-Gun Coalition Of Mayors

Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon, police and press in tow, made a very public point of “visiting the homes of gun offenders,” The Baltimore Sun reported. I guess that beat attending her arraignment in criminal court. “The mayor was charged last month with theft, perjury and misconduct after a state prosecutor’s probe,” the story continued. Dixon is a member of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun coalition of mayors.

“Hartford’s mayor turned himself in Tuesday on charges of having a city contractor do $40,000 in work at his home and paying for it only after being confronted by investigators,” the AP reported. Mayor Eddie A. Perez “was charged with receiving a bribe and falsifying evidence … The contractor, Carlos Costa, told investigators he believed he would be shut out of lucrative city contracts had he not done the work for free ...”

Perez is a member of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun coalition of ...

“Racine, Wis., Mayor Arrested On Child Porn Charge,” read the headline. “Gary Becker, 51, Released On Bond.”

Becker was a member of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun coalition ...

“Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford was arrested … on federal charges and is being held at the federal courthouse,” wrote reporter Val Walton in The Birmingham News.

“Langford [is] accused in a US Securities and Exchange Commission lawsuit of not disclosing $156,000 in payments … as part of a plan to secure Jefferson County financial business,” the story explained.
Langford is a member of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun …

“A municipal court judge in this shore town found the mayor of Jersey City guilty of obstructing justice and resisting arrest in a clash with a police officer a little more than a year ago,” Jonathan Miller wrote in The New York Times. “The mayor, Jerramiah T. Healy, said in a news conference after the verdict that he had no intention of resigning his office …”

Healey is a member of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s …

“The former Detroit mayor is moving to a new home…a 15-by-10-foot county jail cell where he will spend the next 120 days for lying during a civil trial to conceal an extramarital affair,” Time Magazine reported. “[Kwame] Kilpatrick resigned in September after 8 months of accusations, denials and litigation that cost the city millions of dollars …”

Kilpatrick was a member of …

“Potential jurors’ opinions of Jackson Mayor Frank Melton were mixed … during the second day of jury selection in the upcoming federal civil rights trial of Melton …” Kathleen Baydala wrote in The Clarion Ledger.
“Melton [is] accused of violating search-and-seizure laws related to [his] role in [a] warrantless raid [and faces] five to 25 years in prison if convicted on all counts.”

Melton is a member …

“More than a year after denying it, the newly elected mayor of Portland [Sam Adams] has admitted having a sexual relationship with a male teenager in 2005,” the AP reported.

Do I even have to tell you?

And might it be fair to ask why these mayors with such apparent self control issues are so bent on controlling the rest of us?

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new york sucks

matter of fact, every state up north hates guns.

I'm just another damn yankee with a loaded gun looking for some fun!
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raffycanlas: Not all

MN has no gun problems. no issue pending yet, the polititions have problems just getting into office here. LOL (but with Franken I'm sure he will start)

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well of course!

Of course these slimy pols want guns out of citizens hands.... They are afraid if their constituents find out what they're up to they'll be shot! 100 years ago they probably would have been. Are there ANY mayors on Bloombergs list that AREN'T crooks?

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MN isn't anti gun?

Isn't MN one of only two states in the US with no provision for concealed carry? or is that Wisconsin? I can't tell the two apart. As far as this post, don't pawn shop gun sales have the same check as anywhere else? I know Pawnbroker is a type of FFL you can get.

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