MTM Survivor Dry Box -10x7x3

MTM Survivor Dry Box -10x7x3

MTM Survivor Dry Box -10x7x3
NEW! If your idea of an adventure is 'pushing the limits to the max,' then you need a ruggedized box to hold your valuables so they survive as well. These all-weather dry boxes are built for extreme conditions with a tongue and groove construction, and a triple-latched design with O-rings for a seal so watertight it actually floats! There's even a built-in compass on the outside cover and a signaling mirror on the bottom that's the same size issued to our US armed forces in their survivor packs. The inside compartment is roomy enough for such items as cell phones, cameras, radios, medicines, first aid kits, flash lights, flares, ammo, wallets, snacks, rain gear, maps, etc. Their unique sizes, shapes, and fact that they have double padlock tabs also makes them ideal for use as ammunition travel cases. Just be sure to pad any empty space inside for a tight fit, and always follow TSA guidelines for lockable ammunition travel cases. Handy strap attachment points allow you to mount these boxes to just about any type of motorized vehicle, watercraft, or pack. Available in 10 inch x 7 inch x 3 inch or 10 inch x 7 inch x 5 inch; Forest Green or Orange.

$9.95 from Sinclair Intl

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