My 72 camaro

My 72 camaro

My post today about the Prius video got me all nostalgic about some of the junk that I own.

This thing has been torn apart in my garage for a really long time, I will put it back together sooner or later. It was in really bad shape when I bought it off a dude from Canada, who knew that Canada is part of the greater "rust belt". The rear sub frames were all rusted out, the front sub frame the same, so what is a guy to do?
I tore it all apart, welded in a new rear sub frame narrowed 6", sub frame connectors, an 8 point cage and tubbed it.

Anywho, the motor is a 4 bolt main 383 stroker, trans is a built THM 350. I have two induction systems, a weiand tunnel ram with dual AFB's (shown) or an edelbrock performer RPM with a Holley 750 and a nitrous plate. I bought a Ford 9" off of my mail man for the third member, so I need to narrow it and fab a four link in the future.

Seeing SamD's suspention pic. of his El camino kinda rekindled my desire to get this POS rolling again, I know there are no guns involved in my pic's but the car is being used as a storage unit at the moment with shit stacked all over it or I would lean my AR against it and take a pic.

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Now that's a sexy car.

Goddamn, I can't wait to buy a house so I can start setting up my workshop.

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Great looking Hamp

I like the cage and tubs, momo looks stout too.

7 years 47 weeks ago, 6:12 PM



did you get the email i sent to ya?

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