My ARs

My ARs

Weather finally cleared, so out tomorrow! Freaking snow, ice pellets, freezing rain, flooding and all kinds of crap...tomorrow, 70s, next day 80s!!!

1. Stag Arms Model 2T
5.56 Nato Chamber
Forged and Mil Spec.
A.R.M.S. 40L/Front Post
16" Chrome Lined 1/9 Twist
Std 30 Round**
6 Position Collapsible
Samson Star C Quad Rail with 3 rail covers

This one has the Micro T1 red dot optics on it, made my Aimpoint.

This optic is simple, small, lightweight and it didn't take me long to get on target with it.
I had never used this type of optic before, I was pretty impressed. The really nice thing
about the Micro T1 is it's size and the promised battery life of like 50,000 hours!

Magazine: PMag, 30 rounder with ranger plate.
From my limited experience with these products, they are top notch (magpul)!


2. Stag Arms Model 7:
6.8 SPC Chamber /Forged and Mil Spec./None/Gas Block
20.77" Stainless Steel 1/11 Twist
Standard 5 Round**
A2 Fixed / Hogue / 2 Stage Match

I purchased this new from Stag Arms for right around 1,100.00
The scope on the rifle in this picture is Trijicon
Trijicon Accupoint 3-9X40, Mil-Dot Crosshair with Amber Dot and LT104-1 Mount

It also has a cheek pad and bean bag combo on the stock.
The bipod is through LaRue and the type is:


3 Stag Arms Model 5:

6.8mm SPC Chamber /Forged and Mil Spec. / Front Sight / 16" Chrome Lined 1/11 Twist
Std 25 Round**
6 Position Collapsible

I purchased this new from Stag Arms for right around 1,000.00
With this AR I put on the Aimpoint M4s with the 3X magnifier.

I also put on a Tango Down forend grip:
Seen here:

The rifle also has the standard sling from Stag Arms, which has since been removed in place of a single point Magpul sling MS2 two I believe is the model.

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