My Cobra FS380 SNS Messed Up Yesterday

My Cobra FS380 SNS Messed Up Yesterday

I sent the slide back to the factory to have some suspicious areas inspected on the slide. They did not, I assume, go to the trouble of inspecting it, they just stuffed a new one in an envelope and mailed it to me. Good service really but the old slide ran like a well oiled machine.
When I cleaned the gun, I lightly wiped oil onto the surfaces with a cloth and no prob.
When the new slide arrived I got in a hurry and assembled the gun with drops of oil on all moving parts--------FAILURE TO FEED AND TO EJECT nearly every round.
I took the gun apart, hosed it out with electrical contact cleaner, put it together and voila', fired out 3 mags of ammo without a hitch.
I've read some very negative reviews of those guns describing the exact prob I had yesterday.
If you buy a cheap gun and it fails to do anything right try removing all lube, see if it works. A few rounds dry won't hurt.

I'm very pleased with the gun. It goes bang when I squeeze the trigger and out to 25 yards is deadly accurate (if I had a Ransom Rest for it LOL)

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