My first .22 a Mossberg 352K

My first .22 a Mossberg 352K

It was a nice gun. When I started racing I traded it for a Chevy SB, 283cu in. for my stock car. I joined Nascar in 1961 and drove my first race in the old early model stock class. It was a '41 Buick 2 dr sedan, I built headers for it and put on a Rochester 2GV, convereted ignition and coil to 12V but left a 6V starter in it. Finished a race 1 time on the starter motor about 100'. 4.11 gears in it. Held a track record on a 1/4 mile dirt at 15.96 seconds qualifying. Then moved to Chevy V8's in 62 & 63 then this thing called VietNam came up. Was AF or be drafted in late 64. The rest is history. Oh how I reminence.

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