my psl

 my psl

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Amazing gun. I love the SVD guns and this PSL looks like it is accurate!

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It's a long stroke sniper style Rifle.The PSL receiver is a stamped sheet metal design which has reinforcements below the barrel trunion and at the rear cut-out to prevent cracks due to the strong recoil. The gas system is like an AK series with the gas piston being attached to the bolt carrier. The ROMAK (ROManian Avtomat Kalashnikov) 3 was made at the Regia Autonoma de Tehnicå Militarå (RATMIL)and had their bayonet lugs removed to meet import restrictions. After a consolidation of military arsenals after Romania joined NATO, production of the PSL is now at the ARMS arsenal in Cugir, Romania and is completely retooled with all brand new state-of-the-art modern equipment purchased from Belgium and Croatia.

The Chinese NDM-86 is manufactured at the Jing-An arsenal number 26 and has a military designation of Type-79 (adopted in 1979) or Type-85 depending on which optical sight is used. The rifle is distributed by Norinco Equipment and is sold as both the NDM-86 and EM-351 and is chambered for the 7.62x54R rimmed cartridge.

The rifles first appeared in the US around 1985 and were imported by Navy Arms. These early examples came in a green plywood transit chest which contained the rifle and the metal scope case. There were a very small number of sample rifles imported in the early 1980's that were chambered in .308 Winchester and designated as EM-352. These are not to be mistaken with the the NDM-86 in .308. The difference being that the EM-352 used standard curved magazines but with a modified follower to allow proper feeding of the rimless .308 Win cartridge.

Other importers of NDM-86 rifles were CSI in Ontario, California, CJA in Springfield, Montana and KSI/JPE of Pomona, California. KSI alone imported 500 NDM-86s (in 7.62x54R) but the total number of NDM-86s in 7.62x54R from all five importers is not known. Over 2000 is an educated guess.
and Rissian are the only SVD imported by KBI inc. only 100 Russian SVDs in 1994. They came with a full-complement of factory accessories including a Russian military bayonet.

A Russian SVD, which the BATFE classifies as a Curio and Relic, today is worth several thousand dollars if in new condition. Many die hard combloc collectors consider the Russian SVD the holy grail of sniper rifles.

Full Russian SVD sniper kit from the Izhmash factory in Russia. In addition to the five magazines and pouch, there is a cleaning kit with sectioned rods and a remote scope battery compartment plus an amber polarizing filter.

Fully accessorized modern SVD with bipod, 1P21 zoom scope, updated polymer stock set, and latest style bipod. The sling is a standard Kalashnikov canvas type.

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