my retirement plaque..

my retirement plaque..

Not much to say here.. Made Lieutenant before i made the move from Florence. i was a shift Cdr as a Sgt anyway, so not much of a diffrence except for pay, and to be honest i was a better Sgt. than Lt. anyway.. least this let us buy and sell a home that led to our current rural life style..

Promise no more living in the past.. and please try to give me a break on that..its way late.. and just happy to be able to post pics.. promise NO more about past... well aware that we all have one, and that most of yours are a lot more interesting, and impressive than mine.. In all honesty the only reason i did this was because i caught myself tellng war stories about the dept. couple of times this week... That stops to...

i really like you guys, and don't want to be one of those usta be sorta guys... To be honest i miss the dept. and the troops, but promise this will be the last of this sorta post...


8 years 4 weeks ago, 2:38 AM


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K greg but...

well never mind...when can we expect range pics, target(group)pics and such bro?

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8 years 4 weeks ago, 2:44 AM

greg az

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right now... sorta hav'n some issues with the wife....gosh guess you can all understand that huh... anyway... sure value my friendships with you guys on here....night and see ya tomorrow. dont know when will get back... take care, and say hi to all.... if you guys could ask Sam to flip that last one id appreciate it... not a deal one way or the other tho... whatever

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8 years 4 weeks ago, 10:59 AM


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hey greg

i for one wouldnt mind seeing pics like of your glory days lol, ur a cool dude man!

I'm just another damn yankee with a loaded gun looking for some fun!
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Posted by: greg az
8 years 4 weeks ago

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