Napolitano bans border enforcement, announces new "Alternatives to Detention" program

Napolitano bans border enforcement, announces new "Alternatives to Detention" program

Napolitano bans border enforcement, announces new "Alternatives to Detention" program

October 7, 9:48 AMMacon County Conservative ExaminerRobert MoonPrevious

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano has now officially banned any enforcement of our immigration laws by local officials.

Meanwhile, in a press release on Tuesday, October 6th, removed all doubt that the Obama Administration is officially pursuing an open borders policy that rewards those who break into our country illegally, cut in front of law-abiding immigrants, and and impose crushing burdens on our already teetering economy.

Key features:

The new initiative is aimed at implementing "alternatives to detention."
It refers to some illegal immigrants as "non-criminals" and seeks to "expand programs...including legal support services." In other words, more tax dollars are going to be spent accomodating people who spit on our laws, crowd our prisons, and bankrupt our schools...and we will now even be providing them with taxpayer-funded lawyers to help them manipulate the system and obtain amnesty.
Another primary objective of the program is to "enhance detainee medical care." As I have noted, this one won't even be necessary if ObamaCare is forced through.
It also creates yet another federal bureaucracy (the Office of Detention Policy and Planning), to "investigate detainee grievances."
Imagine Americans illegally breaking into France, marching down their streets waving our flags, demanding that they speak our language and give us handout after handout...all while smearing anyone who objects as a xenophobe and a racist.

People would be rightly outraged at our audacity. And this is the equivalent of the French government responding by bending over backwards to appease us.

It is an inexcusable betrayal of the American people.


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Is this legal?

I'd like to hear from a lawyer, if one is on the site, or someone with legal training & knowledge, to clarify whether or not Napolitano's action is legal. Does she have the power to unilaterally do this?

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I think he's a closet liberal LOL

America is not at war. The U.S. Military is at war. America is at the Mall. If you don't stand behind our troops, PLEASE feel free to stand in front of them!
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