New ‘Unclassified’ longest kill record

New ‘Unclassified’ longest kill record

For those of you that have not yet heard, there is a published report about a new ‘longest kill’ record (at least for unclassified operations) performed by a British sniper Craig Harrison in November 2009. Actually it was two kills on Taliban machine gunners in Afghanistan. The distance was a GPS measured 2706 yards (2475 meters) or 1.56 miles away. Perhaps the more interesting thing about these kills is that they were performed using the L115A3 which is the Accuracy International Super Magnum chambered in 338 Lapua. Most of the 2000+ meter kills, including the previous record set by Rob Furlong, of Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, were done using .50 BMG rifles. This does show the long range potential of the 338 Lapua cartridge, especially with the specially developed high power load that the UK uses, though Craig Harrison did admit it was perfect conditions with no wind.

L115A3 is pictured above.

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