The next project.

The next project.

Good evening all, I remember shooting these old 1/2" ball muzzleloaders when I was a kid.

You haven't "lived" 'till you shoot black powder, this ought to be cool. I ordered a Traditions Kentucky rifle kit and Kentucky pistol kit today.

The kids can help me fit and finish these guns, I can't wait.

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8 years 3 weeks ago, 10:24 PM

greg az

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My brother and i got one for our Dad back in 1988...Pop did a great job on it, and i had it until just last month when i felt sorry for my bub, and let him have it. This is sorta neat when ever we get together we give/trade each other a gun...just the two of us... last ones ive given him were a marlin 22 auto, and a colt 38 spl. that was an old army model.(this was not an easy thing for me to give up).. not a stitich of blue left of the gun, old flat latch colt.. This is the cyl release that instead of being round is just a flat piece of iron with a 90 in it.. it was an army model and brother retired as a major (mustang O, enlisted first) so mattered.. The one our Dad put together was never fired.. He got a bowie knife kit to match, and did them in the same wasco oil stain...came out great, still have the knife.. more trades for bub... This was how i got the 19 triple t that i will put on paper tomorrow.. The kids will remember this for the rest of thier life..

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I have applied for my C&R licence, this is what I am doing in the mean time.

My modern weapons really don't intrest me much (beyond self defence), I am a student of history, I look forward to collecting.

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8 years 3 weeks ago

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