Next time you need help, call on the ACLU

Next time you need help, call on the ACLU

The Bakersfield Californian | Monday, Jun 08 2009 08:24 PM
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Having read and reread Valerie Schultz's May 30 article, "Unpacking heat: Mom's decision to turn in guns yields peace of mind," several times, I thought I might try to point out a few irresponsible statements she made. Most of the guns in this country are owned by responsible citizens exercising their Second Amendment rights that many of our forebears fought and died to ensure. I'm sure that most of the arms owned and enjoyed by most Americans are legal and properly registered, as most were purchased from a legal dealer.

Most of the guns turned in for a gift card are either junk or stolen from the people that legally bought them in the first place.

And you can bet the thugs who have firearms illegally are damn sure not going to be the ones turning in their guns.

Many of us common people enjoy shooting as a sport. We do not engage in drive-by shootings, nor hold up convenience stores and banks.

The people Valerie mentions that do not want their loved ones going to jail for the use of a firearm are the same bunch of miscreants that I and the other law-abiding people keep guns under our beds to use against, when these lowlifes are trying to break into our houses and steal the things we worked our butts off to have.

The next time Schultz needs assistance when she finds someone is in her house whom she did not invite in, maybe she should try calling the ACLU.



Editor's note: A study on one buyback program, published in the journal Pubic Health Reports in 1994, found that a small number (1.8 percent) of relinquished guns had been stolen, and the majority (83 percent) were operational. An LAPD official said L.A.'s recent buyback had similar results.

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