NFL Throws the White Flag

NFL Throws the White Flag

This past weekend, a weekend on which we as a nation remembered those who 15 years ago died in the worst terrorist attack America has ever endured, witnessed both displays of respect and foolish insult. Appropriately, many gathered in solemn reflection at the 9/11 memorials at both the Pentagon and World Trade Center. It was a time to reflect upon how suddenly our nation was challenged by evil and changed in response to that challenge. However, there are those who through willful ignorance based on Leftist elitism deem our great nation too flawed to show even the most basic respect and honor. A nation which offers its citizens more rights and opportunity than most other peoples throughout history are privileged to experience.
This ignorant elitism was on display at several NFL football stadiums on Sunday and again Monday night as several players refused to stand for the national anthem, choosing to kneel or raise their fists in protest. This ignorant elitism wasn’t confined to the sidelines, either, but was pushed by even NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who when questioned about the appropriateness of players refusing to stand said, “You know, we encourage our players to be respectful. We want them to do this so. But they also have rights. And we have to respect that.” How does one even know what constitutes “respect” from that comment?
Obviously, players are entitled to their various opinions as are all Americans, but the NFL as a private enterprise is fully within its rights to discipline players for conduct it views as inappropriate. A recent example is Goodell’s four-game suspension of Tom Brady for “deflate gate.” Or, if you prefer ironic contrast, the NFL on Sunday stuck to its strict uniform policy and would not allow players to wear shoes that were “patriotic” in design and color as a tribute to the 9/11 fallen.
The bottom line is that the NFL has become so blinded by its growing desire to adhere to leftist ideology that it cannot even recognize the hypocrisy of its own statements.

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