Nice rifle made from a CNC machine

Nice rifle made from a CNC machine

Nice rifle made from a CNC machine

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This is a cool rifle

All right, here's the skinny. I was walking through the shot show last January, and I saw this awesome bulpup rifle in the German section, a DSR-1 (featured on the current cover of Gun's & Weapons for Law Enforcement) I always wanted to build an aluminum stock rifle, so the wheels started turning. I have AutoCad so I designed it all on the computer screen, where it can be built to exact dimensions. Then I found the link to DC tech and their CNC mill.

It all started as a 6061 T6 quarter-inch wall 2" tube, turned and slotted with milled flats. The rest of it kind of evolved. The long weaver rail on the support tube allows the whole thing to hang off a bipod (see link) or you can rest it on the adjustable forearm/handpiece. A third leg screwed into the bottom rear gives you a tripod, or benchrest bags work great.
Inside the 1.5" i.d. tube is a Nesika 1.47" stainless action. The barrel is 26.5" 12-twist stainless Kreiger fluted heavy-Palma contour--soon to be chambered .308 match. A Holland muzzle break is waiting to be mounted.

The whole unit is a meter long (39") and weighs 20lbs. The scope is a Night Force 5-15-50mm.
When my wallet recovers in a couple months, I'll have it anodized and chambered, and will send some finished shots.

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