Norman Siegel, ACLU and the Radical Imam - Isn't this cozy...

Norman Siegel, ACLU  and the Radical Imam - Isn't this cozy...

At a conference in April 2005,Abdul-Jalil said the “greatest terrorists in the world occupy the White House” and urged Muslims in America to “stop letting the Zionists of the media dictate what Islam is to us.” The imam also said that Muslims were tortured in a city jail.

These are not men.These are savages. They are evil incarnate and they mean to win.

Evil or Idiotarian? evvvvvviil.

March 14, New York Sun The case of New York’s embattled jailhouse imam, Umar Abdul-Jalil,seen in the photo above canoodling with ACLU Don Norman Siegel, is causing some to call into question the existence and size of the city’s prison chaplain program, which costs taxpayers more than $1 million a year.

As top city officials decide whether to fire Abdul-Jalil [you're kiding right? You can't possibly make a case for keeping this insurrector, terror training, inciter to violence?] for his remarks to a conference of Muslim students last year, the case has raised questions about the city’s use of taxpayer funds to provide chaplains for inmates in municipal jails.The city’s Department of Correction employs 21 full-time and 19 part-time chaplains from the Muslim, Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish faiths.

Critics have suggested that the city’s employment of clergy is a misuse of taxpayer dollars when other major municipalities, including Los Angeles and Chicago, rely on volunteer chaplains to serve their inmates.The city, which has employed clergy in its jails for decades, says a volunteer-based program would not work for the around-the-clock needs of its jail system.

The city’s reliance on paid chaplains is an indication that its program has grown too big,

Meanwhile, NYC allocates $879,395 a year to pay the salaries of its 21 full-time chaplains. Trow duh bums out.

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