-"Now we're outsourcing wind turbines to China"

-"Now we're outsourcing wind turbines to China"

Dallas Morning News article by Jim Landers-"Now we're outsourcing wind turbines to China"

The governmental insanity goes on:

"The rush to America of foreign wind-turbine manufacturers shows that the Obama administration's plan for stimulating the creation of green-energy jobs is going in an odd direction. Two weeks ago, U.S. Renewable Energy Group announced plans to build a $1.5 billion wind energy farm in Texas. About 1/3 of the money would come from federal stimulus funds. All of the wind turbines & much of the remaining investment capital would come from China. There would be perhaps 330 jobs created in Texas. Most would be temporary construction jobs. Meanwhile, thousands of Chinese workers would build the labor-intensive turbines. General Electric's technology will power the gearboxes of the turbines. The gearboxes will be made in China. Most of the wind energy projects seeking money under the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act rely on foreign-made turbines. President Obama said the stimulus bill would create environmentally friendly manufacturing jobs in America."

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not a surprise to me

we lost our power to manufacture long ago.we have a few last breathes at it in the airplane and automotive industries but all the rest is out sourced

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Are we seeing the decline & fall of the American empire? We have to have some hope. We need plans to rebuild the country. We can't let ourselves be reduced to a nation of only service sector jobs. Which of our leaders are talking about such plans? If you can't name one, we need to find some, & pretty damn soon.

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we will be using small, demo powerful wind turbine generators for much of our power on the mountains. up on the Tibetan Plateau in the High Himal you can't just plug your laptop into a wall socket. we will be taking special batteries that will keep their charge even at full power use for extended periods of time. however, power is still big problem on those mountains. so we will be taking special designed wind turbine generators with us. we are dang sure going to make sure they are all American make, materials and manufacture and the heck with GE neh. about the only thing you can count on up in the High Himal is the wind. we will depend on the wind for much of our power. buy American made everybody!

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