NRA OTG Shooting Glasses

NRA OTG Shooting Glasses

Thought these would be pretty good, especially for you older spectacle wearing gents. LOL

Description Did you know…? 64% of the USA’s adult population wears prescription glasses (VisionWatch (Jobson Medical Information LLC and Vision Council of America, June 2006). Yet, there are few affordable options for over-the-glasses eye protection. The new NRA OTG Shooting Glasses solve this problem handily. Now, you can quickly and easily protect your eyes with confidence --- the NRA OTG Shooting Glasses meet ANSI Z87.1 requirements, and they provide 99% UV protection. Sized to fit over most popular frame sizes (individual lens size is 2¾” wide x 2” high --- please measure your prescription glasses before ordering. Available in silver frame with clear lens for indoor use, and black frame with green/yellow lens for outdoor applications and/or use as sunglasses. Please specify color when ordering. Imported.

SA 446B-S Black - $19.95 Silver - $19.95
Price: $19.95


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just ordered a pair.

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Both were some time ago.. and opposite results. Had a sporting goods store go out of business back in the late 80's in Tucson, i purchased a pair of Steiner pilot bino's.. Still have them, and one of my best buys.. At the same time i spent some serious (for me, and at the time) cash on a pair of Zeiss shooting glasses.. I was doing PPC and bowling pins at the time, and justified it (I'm a guy, we can justify anything) that way.. The Zeiss glasses were great but not "idiot" proof.. You could put them in thier holder backwards, and if you did, the holder would wear a spot EXACTLY on your point of focus for the sights...sheesh. The thing that made me mad..Besides the fact that I did it.. Was that it only took like one time to ruin them, and of course as it was a GOB, there was none of that take them back thing.

Gents i'm gona run out to the range, weathers great, and ive got two targets to punch yet.. i think i'll take the little airweight for a spin first.. see ya all later..

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