number 1 attack hellicopter....

number 1 attack hellicopter....

No. 1: Ah-64d Apache Longbow
Manufacturer: The Boeing
Type: Attack Helicopter
Powerplant: Two General Electric T700-Ge-701c Turboshafts
Principal Armament: One 30-mm Automatic Cannon, 16 Hellfire Anti-Tank Missiles, Seventy-Six 70-mm Folding-Fin Aerial Rockets
Maximum Cruising Speed: 165 mph

First entering service in 1984, the AH64-A Apache was America's answer to Cold War fears of a Soviet ground attack in Europe. The result? A $20 million can opener with state-of-the-art technology.

Built to endure front-line environments, it can operate during the day or night and in adverse weather using the integrated helmet and display sight system. It's also equipped with some of the latest avionics and electronics, such as the target acquisition designation sight, pilot night vision system, black hole passive infrared countermeasures and map-of-Earth navigation and GPS.

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A Great Tool

To have in your Combined Arms Army tool box.

(You have to look behind all of that outer space stuff)
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