Obama to Arizona Governor: Don't Call Me, I'll Call You

Obama to Arizona Governor: Don't Call Me, I'll Call You

Published May 29, 2010

| FOXNews.com

President Obama has turned down Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer's request to meet while she's in Washington next week as tensions mount between his administration and Arizona over the state's new law cracking down on illegal immigrants.

Brewer will be in Washington to meet with other governors. She said Friday that she had asked to meet with Obama and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to discuss border security and immigration. But Obama's schedule "doesn't allow for a meeting" with her, White House spokesman Adam Abrams said, adding that the president "does intend to sit down with the governor in the future."

When Obama returns from his Chicago vacation on Tuesday, he will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Peru President Alan Garcia at the White House. On Wednesday, Obama is meeting with Gen. Ray Odierno, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, before heading to an event in Pittsburgh and hosting a concert at the White House to honor Paul McCartney.

On Thursday, Obama will speak at Secretary Clinton's reception for a new partnership between U.S. and India. On Friday, the president will welcome the Major League Soccer men's championship team, Real Salt Lake, to the White House.

The apparent snub comes after Justice Department officials told Arizona's attorney general and aides to the governor Friday that the federal government has serious reservations about the state's new immigration law. They responded that a lawsuit against the state isn't the answer.

"I told them we need solutions from Washington, not more lawsuits," said Attorney General Terry Goddard, a Democrat.

The Justice Department initiated separate meetings by phone and face-to-face in Phoenix with Goddard and aides to Brewer to reach out to Arizona's leaders and elicit information from state officials regarding the Obama administration's concerns about the new law.

The strong message that the Justice Department representatives delivered at the private meetings -- first with Goddard, then with Brewer's staff -- left little doubt that the Obama administration is prepared to go to court if necessary in a bid to block the new law, which takes effect July 29.

Goddard said he noted that five privately filed lawsuits already are pending in federal court to challenge the law.

"Every possible argument is being briefed," said Goddard, who is running unopposed for his party's nomination for the governor's race.

Brewer, who is seeking re-election, later said in a statement that her legal team told the Justice Department officials that the law would be "vigorously defended all the way to the United States Supreme Court if necessary."

Brewer, who has hired private attorneys to represent her in the pending cases, said the department officials "were advised that I believe the federal government should use its legal resources to fight illegal immigration, not the state of Arizona."

Key provisions of the sweeping law include a requirement that police enforcing any other law question people about their immigration status if there is "reasonable suspicion" that they are in the country illegally. It also makes it a state crime to be in the country illegally.

Arizona has an estimated 460,000 illegal immigrants, and the law's supporters contend it will save taxpayer money and reduce crime by pressuring illegal immigrants to "self-deport."

Federal officials and other critics fear the state law could lead to widespread racial profiling.

Goddard said it would be wrong to assume that Arizona law enforcement officers would not act in a fair and highly professional manner."

The federal officials' trip to Phoenix also was an effort to see if the two sides can find common ground in the debate, which has reignited immigration as a major political issue nationwide.

A number of other states are considering laws similar to Arizona's.

Justice Department spokesman Matthew Miller noted that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder met with a number of police chiefs Wednesday in Washington "to hear their concerns about the impact of the Arizona law on their ability to keep communities safe.

"We continue to have concerns that the law drives a wedge between law enforcement and the communities they serve and are examining it to see what options are available to the federal government," Miller said.

While numerous police chiefs have criticized the law, several Arizona associations representing rank-and-file police officers support it.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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7 years 42 weeks ago, 10:08 PM


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Dec 2009
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Than taking care of Home Land Security??
Mabe Obama is afraid of Gov Brewer

A little rebellion is good medicine for the government Thomas Jefferson
7 years 42 weeks ago, 12:09 AM


raffycanlas's picture

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Nov 2008
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brewer knows the facts, obama knows nothing

I'm just another damn yankee with a loaded gun looking for some fun!
7 years 42 weeks ago, 3:38 AM

Lyle Hutchins 1

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Lieutenant General
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C W,
All we have in the White House (Our House) is a Party Boy! This Bastard wants to play ball, go on vacation, or fuck off at some other party! Piss on the Boarder and the oil spill! He hasn't a clue, on what is right. All he wants is what makes him happy! The photos with his chin up tell us the level of concete that is motivating him. This Half of a man, is agianst America. Where is the KKK when they are NEEDED? Also, It dosn't make any difference to me what color the President of The United States Is, But it makes a difference to me if he is an American!!! Or just moved to the U.S.
And just where is Paul McCartney from??? Barry needs to move, America will you chip in,so as to help the whole family to move? He is so in love with Europe.
The son-of-a-bitch SNUBS Arlington, to go to Ill. for vacation. Anything to do with Military, he hates!
American___ Yes
American___ No
Which is he??
SHIT!!! I never said anything about Brewer, O well, you know where I stand On that Issue!!

Lyle Hutchinson
7 years 42 weeks ago, 3:44 AM

greg az

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Our Brother Lyle is sorta moderate.. We can never get him to come out.. and just get in touch with his feelings..

Laughing, this gives you an idea of how are politics run.. and as Lyle said, no the color is not at issue .. all the rest is..

Got to go to bed kids...Lyle you got the con.. see ya all tomorrow..Lyle guide Jeff to some of the better posts.. (thinking CD) if you don't think it would scare him off..

a man has to hold his word, hold his beliefs, and hold a good sight picture.
7 years 42 weeks ago, 12:22 PM


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Fuck Obama

He is such a clown and so thin-skinned, you can see it whenever
he gets any criticism...he can't take it...He doesn't want to meet
with her, because he can't argue the point with any type of
realistic expectations of changing her mind...what's he gonna say:

Gov. Brewer, honestly you shouldn't have taken our law, added to
it to ensure racial profiling isn't happening and actually enforce it...I
mean, let me make this perfectly clear. Our federal immigration laws,
while on the books, are not to be taken seriously and furthermore,
there are things we need to work on in a bipartisan manner, like this
Global Warming solution. Are you with me?

Patrolman Kato
Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself.
They are the American people's liberty teeth and keystone
under independence. -- George Washington
7 years 42 weeks ago, 4:50 PM


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come November. bambi wants change, give him change
A new Congress for a start.
We can play by the rules and beat them at their game.
Yes it is a game to them but they will live and learn.
The Constitution isn't a game

A little rebellion is good medicine for the government Thomas Jefferson
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