Obama "the II King Unready"

Obama "the II King Unready"

Mike Retired from the Oakland Police Dept. and immigrated to Isreal several years ago.

Obama the Unready, from Mike Williams in Isreal

Back at the end of the tenth century was a King of England whose name was
Ethelred the Unready, he received that unlikely moniker because he was never
prepared for the Viking raids had been hitting the English for the better part
of three centuries. In the end, this unlikely King allowed the Vikings to
get a foothold on mainland England, establish towns and communities, and
finally take over much of his reign. Today, when looking back on history it
becomes apparent that two things occurred in the tenth century that caused
the eventual downfall of the Wessex Kings of England. The first was a fear
to act against Viking aggression, and the second an appeasement policy which
was meant to buy off rather than confront a smaller but more aggressive

Today, Obama the Unready suffers from this same lack of competent leadership
that the King of England did, and if these trends in American leadership are
not changed we will go down that same road. Today's Viking are Iran and
North Korea who have seen almost twenty years of appeasement policies from
Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama. Twenty years ago when these two rogue
nations could of had their nuclear aspirations stopped, but President
Clinton decided not to get involved---Iran---or to buy peace with
wheat---North Korea. Now, today, it can be said that the current state of
Iran's and North Korea's nuclear arsenals can be laid at the doorsteps of
these three Presidents who desired to be deceived into believing that
restraint and/or appeasement would allow for cooler heads to prevail. It
seems that these three leaders came to believe that the only alternatives to
either war or peace is the Wests acceptance of her own surrender. Eventually
that's what England did by giving into the Vikings, and that is what Iran
and North Korea are betting on with Obama.

During Obama's two years in office he has relied on two main foreign policy
touch stones. One is to scale back America's nuclear arsenal mainly through
a treaty with Moscow, that if passed by this lame duck congress will lead to
his stated goal of America's unilateral disarmament. And the second, forcing
Israel to withdraw to the 1949 armistice lines that will lead to her having
long indefensible borders and the inevitable war that will follow. The US
and Obama's abandonment of it's only Allie in the region, will weaken Israel
and render America incapable of defeating the rapidly growing list of rogue
states that are, or will be in this region. It is true that Obama the
Unready and his policies are provoking thought and maybe even hearings in
the Senate and the House of Representatives but no one knows for sure if a
Republican Congress can rein in this out of control and cowardly president.

Obama's academia cronies have been calling for the unilateral disarmament of
the US for years, claiming that this is the only way to combat the
proliferation of Nuclear weapons.It is fair to state that most of the rest
of the world rejects this policy and believes that only a strong strategic
plan against Iran and North Korea will stop a nuclear war. But, unlike
America nations in Europe and the far east lack the military complex
necessary to confront these two rogue nations, and win. That said, lacking a
strategic plan and without strong leadership the US will be incapable of
confronting either of these nations leading to a stalemate and the eventual
nuclear armament of a true axis of evil. So with no international controls
present, nations like Iran, North Korea, Turkey, Syria, and Lebanon, and
terrorist groups like Hezbollah, and Hamas will all be armed with either
Iranian or North Korean nuclear weapons.

Maybe it is time to take off the kid gloves, remove the ability of both of
these nations to produce nuclear weapons, and stop their race towards the
use of weapons of mass destruction. That is our only real alternative other
than being called the "unready generation" by future historians.

Mike Williams

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7 years 8 weeks ago, 1:17 PM


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China is the biggest "Viking", by far. Their policy of refusing to let the value of their currency seek its own level is killing the US and western Europe. This is doing far more harm than anything that can be done by Iran or North Korea (the DPRK).

If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man. (Mark Twain).
7 years 8 weeks ago, 2:16 PM

greg az

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I'll be honest with you, i wasn't that much of a 43 fan.. But his take on Iran, Nk, and goofy Hugo's Venezuela, is right on the money..

They are cooperating in everything, and the 4th at the table.. Sitting at the head of it as well.. is China.. I see the major problem is that they control the purse strings not only on assorted "rouge" Nations, but ours as well..

The whole issue is ugly and nothing good is likely to come from it.. We have ourselves in a bad situation.. I see that thier was more shelling of that Korean Island again today.. Not sure what the answer is.. But sorta seems like a decent time to get our of the "stan"..

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7 years 8 weeks ago, 2:27 PM


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HUH ??????

What did I do now ?

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