Obama lies about jobs....

Obama lies about jobs....

From the Desk of:
Steve Elliott, President
Grassfire.org Alliance

I need your help because President Obama is getting away
with a bald-faced lie about the economy and so-called
"saved" jobs. --Steve


Yesterday President Obama's team repeated what I believe is
the most outrageous lie of his Administration.

The President and his team again claimed the stimulus has
"saved" 150,000 jobs during a time when 1.6 million jobs were
actually lost!

+ + Obama's magical "saved" jobs

This is the same BALD-FACED LIE Obama has been telling since last
November -- when his plan to "create" jobs was carefully morphed
into a plan to "save or create" jobs.

That small change has given Obama the ability to claim that his
programs are working even when they are failing!

No matter how bad the economy gets, or how high unemployment rises,
Obama and his team can simply CLAIM that their massive stimulus
spending still "saved" jobs.

But it is a bald-faced lie!

And we have the proof.

+ + Unemployment is WORSE that Obama even projected!

In January, Obama announced his big-spending "stimulus" would
"save or create at least 3 million jobs by the end of 2010." Obama
justified this by saying his spending PLAN would cause unemployment
to be lower than what economists were projecting.

But the opposite has happened... unemployment has soared to 9.4
percent in May and hundreds of thousands more jobs have been
lost than had been originally projected pre-stimulus.

Yet Obama still claims to have "saved" 150,000 jobs. In fact,
using Obama's own warped logic, there is a better case to be
made that Obama has DESTROYED hundreds of thousands of jobs
since the economy is WORSE than what was expected.

I have posted up even more details for you on my
ResistNet blog -- including a chart which graphically
exposes the "saved jobs" lie. Go here:


By the way, if you have not yet signed up at ResistNet, please
do so today. We simply cannot fight back against the Obama Statist
regime unless we build stronger connections at the grassroots,
and ResistNet is doing just that. Go here to sign up:


+ + Action Item: Help Me Expose Obama's Lie!

This one lie about "saved jobs" justifies every socialist,
big-government, liberal spending scheme this Administration
devises! If we allow Obama to get away with this lie, he
will claim political success and doom America to another
decade of statism!

We simply cannot allow Obama to get away with this bald-faced
lie about "saving" jobs.

Here's what I'm asking you to do...

Please call President Obama and your members of Congress and
tell them that Obama must stop using the deceptive "saved jobs"

+ + Talking Points

1. President Obama must immediately stop his untruthful claims of
"saved jobs" as a measure of his Administration's success.

2. "Saved jobs" is a meaningless economic term designed to
give political cover for failed policies.

3. Obama must be judged like all other Presidents on job "creation"
during his Administration -- not bogus "saved jobs" that allow
Obama to claim success no matter what happens in the economy.

4. The fact is, job losses have only accelerated above
projections since President Obama dramatically increased
government spending.

5. We must break this pattern of endless government spending.
I urge you to "Stop The Spending."

+ + Contact Numbers

President Obama

--Switchboard: 202-456-1414

--Comment Line: 202-456-1111

Sen. McCain 202-224-2235

Sen. Kyl 202-224-4521

Rep. Giffords 202-225-2542
Thank you again for taking action!

Steve Elliott, President

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