Obama responds to enemy threats by making speeches

Obama responds to enemy threats by making speeches

Obama responds to enemy threats by making speeches
May 24, 11:33 AM ยท

It is becoming more apparent every day that what once made America the strongest nation in the world is being destroyed b y the Obama administration. He continues to send the message to America's foes that there is no longer anything to hold them back from attacking the country economically and by any other methods they devise.

All China has to do is whisper that it will not buy any more U.S. treasury securities, or that it will no longer use the dollar in trade, and the value drops. The threat that it could dump the $1 trillion it now holds would cripple what is left of the U.S. economy A good example of how China plans to destroy the dollar is that it has created a currency to be used between Venezuela and itself.

Iran thumbs its nose at the U.S. as Obama tries to talk it out of its aims to become a nuclear power. In response Iran sends another missile into the atmosphere. It is a clear message to the Arab world: under Obama, America is now an economically bankrupt paper tiger with its tail behind its legs as it reduces its defense capability. Will the next missile land on American soil?

Russia toys with a further invasion of Georgia and also declares that it will go to war if any country, aiming mostly at the U.S., tries to prevent it from taking oil and minerals from the Antarctic. Putin can hardly hide his smirks as Obama talks..

Venezuela and other countries in that area strengthen economic ties with China through joint agreements. Meanwhile, terrorist training camps flourish, instructing from 600 to 1000 jihadists at a time in ways to attack America and Obama makes speeches apologizing for past actions of the U.S.

Unfortunately, enough Americans are so thrilled with their celebrity president and his star-studded demeanor, that as the country it took generations to build is crumbling economically, it is being ignored that U.S. enemies, inch by inch, increase their power as Obama's weaknesses are exposed.

As the CIA is being destroyed by Obama and the Democrats in Congress, America's foes will continue be emboldened to take more overt action because under the Obama administration, the President's response will be to make a speech. Fortunately, for Obama, there is a bunker under the White House where he can hide if the catastrophes that he has created strikes the United States.

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