Obama Seeks End of U.S.

Obama Seeks End of U.S.

Only Impeachment Will Stop Him American Patrol Report -- May 23

Bill Kristol: President Obama has spent much more time talking about this immigration law in Arizona – he spent much more time talking with President Calderon of Mexico about it than the governor of Arizona, who he has never had the courtesy of calling and say, would you like to make the case for the law to me before I go ahead and trash it.
And, look, I was skimming the New York Times this morning and there's an interview from a couple of years ago - this woman did a bunch of interviews about immigration and one of those was with this woman Roxanna Bacon who is an attorney in Phoenix, and she refers routinely to the rhetoric of hate and the hate mongers who think we should crack down on illegal immigration.
This woman, it turns out in parenthesis, is the chief counsel for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service in Washington. So the Obama Administration -- whatever your views on immigration -- the Obama administration is full of people who, at best, would be reluctant to enforce the laws that are on the books, using the excuse that we can't enforce anything until we have comprehensive immigration reform.
American Patrol Report Comment: Barack Obama's top priority is amnesty for illegal aliens and the erasure of our southern border. Only impeachment will keep him from reaching his goal.

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Impeach Obama?

Never happen. "Impeachment" is the same as indictment; it doesn't mean conviction in a trial. In the case of the President, impeachment must be attempted in the House of Representatives, then, if successful, the trial would be held in the Senate.
The votes aren't there for a successful attempt to impeach and then try and convict the President. Even after the November election and the start of the next session of Congress, supposing that the Republicans can take control of one or both houses of Congress, there won't be enough votes to impeach, then convict Obama.
It's understandable that someone is pissed at Obama, but one must be realistic. The only way to get him out of office is by election of a Republican candidate.

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