Obama urges illegals: Rat out your bosses!

Obama urges illegals: Rat out your bosses!


United Farm Workers of America co-founder and member of Democratic Socialists of America Dolores Huerta shares message to "farm workers" from Department of Labor.

'Every worker in America has a right to be paid fairly – documented or not'

Posted: June 22, 2010
8:35 pm Eastern

By Chelsea Schilling
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The Obama administration is encouraging illegal aliens to call its new hotline and rat out U.S. employers because they "work hard and have the right to be paid fairly."

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis is personally asking illegals to snitch on bosses if their paychecks aren't large enough.

The Department of Labor issued the following "We Can Help" public service announcement in Spanish and English that opens with photos of construction workers, manicurists, cooks, farm workers and workers in the service industry:

In the video posted on YouTube and the Department of Labor website, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis declares, "You work hard, and you have the right to be paid fairly. … It is a serious problem when workers in this country are not being paid every cent they earned. Remember: Every worker in America has a right to be paid fairly – whether documented or not."

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Solis adds, "Call us. It is free and confidential. We can help."

Judicial Watch reported in April that the Labor Department deployed new field investigators to reach out to Hispanic laborers in areas with large numbers of illegal-alien employees.

"A total of 1,000 investigators from her agency will focus on enforcing labor and wage laws in industries that typically hire lots of illegal aliens without reporting anyone to federal immigration authorities," the legal group noted.

Solis told the workers, "[Y]our president, your secretary of labor and this department will not allow anyone to be denied his or her rightful pay, especially when so many in our nation are working long, hard and often dangerous hours."

In a press release, Solis assured even illegal aliens: "If you work in this country, you are protected by our laws. And you can count on the U.S. Department of Labor to see to it that those protections work for you."

The same day Solis publicly announced the Obama administration "We Can Help" project, a Labor Department investigator visited a day laborer center in Concord, Calif., to promote it.

Federal investigator Paul Ramirez, speaking in Spanish inside the Michael Chavez Center, announced, "We're the feds, but the good ones. We're here to help workers."

Ramirez told the audience of men from Mexico and Central America, "Documented or not, the law is: If you work certain hours, you are owed certain money."

He told the workers federal law requires employers to provide minimum wage, overtime and sick leave.

The Contra Costa Times reported Ramirez made the same speech to workers outside a Home Depot in Pittsburgh, Pa.

"We already knew some of these things, but now we feel more comfortable, more support," said Gilberto Villanueva, a worker who came from southern Mexico. "It's good that they came."

In addition to the Labor Department's Spanish television advertising campaign, there is also a government web page dedicated to the effort. The government may deploy investigators or take employers to court in response to complaints, Judicial Watch noted.

The site also features other Spanish and English-language "We Can Help" announcements, including one with the following message to "farm workers" from Dolores Huerta, co-founder of the United Farm Workers of America and member of the Democratic Socialists of America:

You work hard for your family and to feed this country. You deserve to get paid every dollar you earn and never less than the federal minimum wage. Housing and transportation provided by the employer must be safe. You must be provided safe drinking water, toilets and hand-washing facilities at the job at no cost. And above all, you must be provided a safe workplace. These laws protect you – whether you're documented or not. If there is a problem, the U.S. Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division can help.

A separate section of the Labor Department website notes, "Under the INA, employers may hire only persons who may legally work in the United States (i.e., citizens and nationals of the U.S.) and aliens authorized to work in the U.S. The employer must verify the identity and employment eligibility of anyone to be hired …"

"For a government agency to protect lawbreakers in this fashion may seem unbelievable but not if you consider the source," Judicial Watch stated on its website. "A former California congresswoman, Solis has close ties to the influential La Raza movement that advocates open borders and rights for illegal immigrants. She made the protection of undocumented workers a major priority upon being named labor secretary, assuring illegal aliens that 'if you work in this country, you are protected by our laws.'"

As WND reported recently, the Obama administration is also looking to change the way illegal aliens are housed in America by giving them a kinder, gentler, "Club Fed" resort-style life of luxury complete with art classes, movie nights, bingo, e-mail, unmonitored phone lines, continental breakfast, hanging plants and fresh carrot sticks.

Department of Labor "We Can Help" campaign poster

An internal Immigration and Customs Enforcement e-mail dated May 27 revealed many "low-risk" illegal aliens in detention facilities will also enjoy "free movement," "relaxed security measures," elimination of "lockdowns" and expanded visiting hours.

Nine taxpayer-funded locations – in Texas, New Jersey, Arizona, Georgia and California – will each receive makeovers "softening the look of the facility" to make immigration detention less penal and more humane.

Beth Gibson, ICE senior counselor to Assistant Secretary John Morton and a leader of the detention-center overhaul, told the Houston Chronicle ICE is seeking to detain illegals in the least restrictive manner possible while making certain that they leave the country if ordered to do so.

"When people come to our custody, we're detaining them to effect their removal," she said. "It's about deportation. It's not about punishing people for a crime they committed."

Meanwhile, Solis' public service announcement encouraging illegal aliens to report their employers has received hundreds of comments on various blogs, including the following:

Since the government won't do anything about these illegal criminals, perhaps it's up to us individuals to take care of the problem.
What about the word, "illegal" don't you liberal lunatics understand? Illegals have no rights, morons!
Come in as a legal, and we'll give you your deserved rights.
If an illegal immigrant calls her number and declares that he or she is illegal, doesn't she have an obligation as a federal department head to report that person to ICE?! She is breaking federal law if she does not report them! Not only do illegal immigrants not have a right to fair wages, they do not have a right to a job! Can't anyone in this administration get that through their thick, socialist heads?!
Soon the illegals will form a union backed by SEIU. They will get better wages and health care than the average American.
Now illegals need a raise? This is way over the top!
Not in my country!
This is complete and utter BS. This man is using tax dollars to community organize the heck out of illegal aliens.
They don't have any rights except the right to be deported as soon as possible.

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