Obama's Mentor (Saul Alinsky) At Work

Obama's Mentor (Saul Alinsky) At Work

Obama's Mentor (Saul Alinsky) At Work
White House Machine Demonizes Loyal Americans Hannity's America -- Fox News-- August 5

Hannity: It seems that every day more and more Americans are speaking out against the direction that Democrats are taking this country... But unlike when it was members of their own party who were speaking out, Democrats are now chastising anyone who has an opinion. And the Democrat National Committee has even gone so far as to characterize the protesters as an angry mob. [...]
And joining me now is the author of Culture of Corruption, and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks and Cronies, is which, by the way, will debut as number one on the New York Times' best sellers list for the week of August 16. Michele Malkin, welcome.
Michelle Malkin: This is the mother of all smear campaigns by the Democrat National Committee and the White House. And this is the way they play – the Chicago way – hardball politics – it's demonize your opponents – stifle dissent. It's laughable coming from an organization and a machine that has done nothing but Astroturf – fake grass roots – in support of Obama Care. [...]
...they misunderstand the roots of this movement. It is not something directed from the top down. The Republicans can only wish that they could have been so competent that they could have seen this coming,
Jonah Goldberg: ...This is the Administration whose leader is a disciple of Saul Alinsky who made his name as a community organizer, stirring up fake outrage, and whose chief political advisor, David Axelrod, has gotten rich out of creating Astroturf fake mobs...

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great line, fake grass roots. Astro turf

it seems obamanure is being called out in many different places...

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