Obama's Response On DOL Report

Obama's Response On DOL Report

They did two tricks today in addition to what I just mentioned to you. In fact, Rick Santelli on CNBC this morning said that the level of manipulation on these numbers is intensifying. Without the move to remove how many jobs there are in the marketplace, he says the rate would be 10.6% for January, and let me explain what he means. He was specific on the Obama administration lowering how many jobs are even in the total marketplace. I think they took it from 136 million and changed it down to 129 million. So if there is a smaller universe of jobs, naturally you're going to have a lower percentage of those unemployed. They have been manipulating and doing everything they can to keep this number at or below 10%, but of course this is what's called the U3 number. The U6 number includes -- and this is the number that's around 17 or 18% -- people who have stopped looking, and that number continues to expand. These are the people whose unemployment compensation benefits have expired. So this 9.7% number... We'll wait for the revisions as we always do, and we'll pound the revisions to you when they come out. The State-Controlled Media will, of course, ignore them. But folks, it's just not what it seems to be. I really wish it were. I wish that I could wholeheartedly endorse this. But everybody was stunned by this. Not just the usual experts were surprised. Everybody, and I'm wondering...

Hey guys, this is where those 2 million jobs went! Now I get it! President barack obama is a great NON American!

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