Open Border Arizona

Open Border Arizona

Open Border Arizona
New Video Shows the Truth About the Border American Patrol Report -- June 4

Just how open is the border in Arizona? Well, a new video by American Border Patrol, Open Border Arizona, answers that question once and for all. It uses aerial footage of 30 miles of the border south of Ft. Huachuca, headquarters of Army Intelligence. Troops leave there bound for Iraq and Afghanistan on a regular basis. Terrorists have targeted it.
Of all places, this section of the border should be protected. Is it? Open Border Arizona leaves no doubt as to the answer.
Background for the video is a continuous low-level aerial surveillance of the border just nine miles south of Ft. Huachuca. If the U.S. Border Patrol was there, you would see them. How many are spotted in the thirty-mile segment? Watch Open Border Arizona and see for yourself.
Open Border Arizona makes effective use of recent border-related stories. In one segment, Sen. Lindsey Graham confronts DHS Secretary Napolitano over border security. As she claims great progress, the open border unfolds beneath you.
Aerial footage for Open Border Arizona was shot on May 29 using ABP's Challenger II airplane, flown by Glenn Spencer, head of the group. The Challenger will be on display at the June 5th rally in Phoenix.
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