The Overton Window by Glenn Beck - I just finished reading it.

The Overton Window by Glenn Beck - I just finished reading it.

I got it from my Library.
It will open your eyes and put a lot of things into perspective. It is making me re-think this whole political mess.
I have always considered elected officials as corrupt, greedy bastards and this just confirmed my suspicions.

It is a must read. It doesn't rail against anyone party. But it is so inciteful. It is a thriller, fiction based on fact or a "faction" It has lots of examples, real names and places to get further info.

Try it, I did it in one night.

Thanks to Glenn Beck, whom I have not been a big fan of. But he does make sense and brings it into perspective for us mere mortals.


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This is 2nd on my list. I am finishing the Politically Incorrect Guide to American History and then his Broke book. I have Arguing with Idiots also. So many books so little time.

I can take Beck in short spans but I love that he teaches as much as preaches.

He said he had to rewrite this book a few times since the "faction" kept coming true before he could get it published.

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