Padre Greg here is copy of your pic for your files.

Padre Greg here is copy of your pic for your files.

Will work on something better, time permitting...


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greg az

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Honestly please don't change anything else.. whats up is great.. and troops, you guys know i love ya like brothers... BUT please here me here..

This whole Chaplin thingie was less than one of my finer ideas.. I can tell you that it honestly did spring out of the best intentions..after some comment (that was pretty neat actually) you guys had done the padre thing.. being ex military and respecting the tough Chaplins a lot more than the average televangelist (though ya gota admit Jerry lees bro is a hoot) anyway i thought that Chaplin would make more since.. ok well..

Other times when I've had similar insight have resulted in ..ah..lets see.. Putting the remote in the microwave, shooting holes in a vehicle i had just restored..(that's the one brother Gary was kidding about on here the other night) Telling a group of cowboys that no, i didn't ride into that dance to pick up one of thier gals, i rode my scoot into to pick up a couple of them (last time i was thumped) and of course the sticking the handle into the inspection hole of the clogged sewage line.. So with all due respect.. will just stay your humble but seriously fucked up brother gunsluter.. greg

a man has to hold his word, hold his beliefs, and hold a good sight picture.
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far as I see it,you is "da' gunslot padre"from have posted a prayer or 2 before and I have enjoyed them.not too haevy on jesus but just sayin what should be said.carry on!and quit worryin' about the details!

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