Padre GregAz

Padre GregAz

Gregaz this is it complete with cross.
The old geezer has to go, not fit for
a Chaplin lol

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7 years 40 weeks ago, 10:42 AM

greg az

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with or without the cross... or as greasy says a "couple of em".. Nope to FR MCwhoever he was.. I have fond memories of Naval Chaplains that were for some reason all older than the average officer..

They were a tough old bunch and always thought the guy on MASH should get a little schooling on having a pair.. Those i remember from the Navy had as many tats as the old salts..

i was always surprised by how diffrent they were from what i had known when the folks dragged us kids to church... hated that.. beautiful day outside...all you want to do is take off on your bike and go play... ok son time to get ready for Church... yuck..

a man has to hold his word, hold his beliefs, and hold a good sight picture.
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Posted by: CharlesW
7 years 40 weeks ago

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