Pandering doesn't work: Obama's approval numbers dropping in Muslim countries.

Pandering doesn't work: Obama's approval numbers dropping in Muslim countries.

Obama's principal adviser on Muslim matters, Dalia Mogahed, reports: "U.S. has made little headway among Arabic-speaking Muslims under Obama, Gallup finds," from The Daily Caller, May 30. She ascribes the drop to Obama's failure to follow through on his pandering:

The country where Obama delivered his high-profile speech to the Muslim world is also the one where the swings in approval have been the largest. The precipitous decline in 2010 may reflect a perceived lack of progress on the issues many Egyptians said in May 2008 were most significant to improving their opinion of the United States: pulling out of Iraq, removing military bases from Saudi Arabia, supporting the rights of Muslims to elect their own governments, promoting greater economic development, closing Guantanamo Bay prison, and greater technology transfer and exchange of business expertise.
This is probably true. His dhimmi policies are perceived as weakness, and then he further infuriates them by not being dhimmi enough -- not moving quickly enough to give them everything they want. The word dhimmi (plural dimam) literally means "protection, care and custody”

Read about why this is happening in The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration's War On America.

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My favorite is Iraq...straight line down...too funny. Of course,
that will change when we finally pull out of this shithole. Take
a look at those countries though...really, who would actually

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