Para P 14 LDA

Para P 14 LDA

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There's a story here

Not long ago I was in the FTW Tx. Cheaper than Dirt. Down on the end counter there were some really neat looking double stack Para-Ordnance P14 Light double actions. The price was ammenable , so I took a look and the triggers were really good. To my curiosity the story behind their presence there was that Dept of Energy had sent them away for sale. They wanted something else. It took a serious amount of cleaning,, as they had shot them and stored them till shipped somewhere. The barrell took an exorbitant cleaning and I nearly had to use aggressive solvents to get results. The slide had to be scrubbed and the sights had to be repainted. The pachymar grips are on order and will be in soon. ( I never liked factory plastic. )When I took her to the range she shot like she was ment to group small and tight. This is one time that a budget 45 has impressed me so much I write about it now. I am not a quality pistol shot but at 25 yards I put out fist sized groups and smaller. Does anyone else out there shoot one or have any suggestions? This is one that makes me think of pistol matches and reactionary targets.

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