Peek A Boo

Peek A Boo

I see it peeking back.

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I'm a cop and the fellow cops I know who would never take your weapons. We believe in the 2nd Amendment. We need a change in Washington, Guys and Gals fellow shooters, we need to take America back. We got to pass the word and not give up. I am a firearms instructor for my department, Concealed handgun instructor, I attended the 5th CHL class in Austin Texas in 1995 and have been teaching sense then. Hell yea I believe in citizens carrying, open carry too. I believe it should be up to the individual, but remember we are not riding horses any more, so you can't see who's following you that easily. What I mean is, if you carry a rifle slung across your chest or back and or open carry, what if some dirt bag see's you and think's "Oh I like that gun" and when you don't see him knocks your butt out and takes your weapons. I agree with carrying weapons, but lets use our brains a little and carry them discrete. One they are scaring people and they see them as the bad guy and not the good guy he is. If you want to educate people pass out info papers at malls and stores. Guys and Gals we got to take are county back this next election.

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