Penn pal dictator Chavez proves 'gun control' fails at stopping crime

Penn pal dictator Chavez proves 'gun control' fails at stopping crime

March 13, 8:18 AM
Gun Rights ExaminerDavid Codrea

BFFs Hugo and Sean (AP Photo)Rich Hollywood Marxist sympathizer Sean Penn's love-fest with Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez has been in the news of late. I know he thinks those of us who call Chavez a dictator should be put in prison, but we still retain (albeit not without infringements) two rights his buddy won't allow: Freedom of speech and the right to keep and bear arms.

The former, of course, is controlled in Venezuela by the tinpot tyrant, who closes down broadcast stations that criticize his heavy-handed rule, and expels foreign journalists who do the same. (Penn recently gave us a glimpse of such policies in microcosm, when he smacked down a photographer and expelled a journalist for asking him a question he didn't like.)

And guns, of course, are also tightly controlled. It's what dictators do:

The Venezuelan Ministry of Justice announced the creation of a new firearms control plan on Wednesday, in an attempt to decrease excessive violence in Venezuela.

So—how has the plan worked out in the almost four years it's been in effect? From Reuters:

Homicides in Venezuela have quadrupled during President Hugo Chavez's 11 years in power, with two people murdered every hour, according to new figures from a non-governmental organization. The Venezuelan Observatory of Violence (OVV), whose data is widely followed in the absence of official statistics, said the South American nation has one of the highest crime rates on the continent, with 54 homicides per 100,000 citizens in 2009.

That's 10 times a U.S. rate that prompts our domestic Chavez emulators to call for even more "common sense" measures. I guess if you look at the Brady Scorecard results, it's easy to understand why—they have a lot more citizen disarmament to accomplish if we hope to rival Venezuela's "success."

Still, "gun control" is only for lesser mortals. If you're rich and connected, and pals with the redistributionist ruling class, be they in South America or our own City by the Bay, being one of the few privileged armed elites is a snap. That's why, even though you or I couldn't get a permit in anti-gun San Francisco—literally to save our lives—Hollywood star Penn had no problem scoring one. And he's a rich enough collectivist sympathizer that he can afford to replace the two handguns stolen from his car (and presumably now "on the street" fueling more demand for disarming you and me) without batting an eye.

If being his critic is a qualifier, I guess you can add me to Penn's "Blacklist." Isn't that what Hollywood types call such things? (And incidentally, where is their outrage on his unAmerican, anti-freedom of expression endorsement—or do they only reserve that for anti-Communists?).

Blacklist? You know, the people Sean hopes "die screaming of rectal cancer"?

Have another cigarette, Sean. Drag deep.

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Sean Penn, and Chavez are both wack jobs!

"We cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home" Thomas Jefferson
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