The People Have Spoken - A Clear Choice Was Made

The People Have Spoken -  A Clear Choice Was Made

American Patrol Report Comment -- January 20

Health care was the overarching issue in the media, but the election of Scott Brown had more to do with the underlying anger of the American people than anything else. "When there's trouble in Massachusetts, there's trouble everywhere," Brown said in his victory speech.
Brown on illegal immigration
On his Web site, Scott Brown took a strong stand against amnesty and for law enforcement.
"I oppose amnesty, and I believe we ought to strengthen our border enforcement and institute an employment verification system with penalties for companies that hire illegal immigrants."
Coakley on illegal immigration
Martha Coakley didn't mention the immigration issue on her Web site, but she did make her position clear last during a radio interview on Nov. 17, 2009 with Mindy Todd of WGBH-Boston (NPR):
Todd: Where do you stand on immigration reform?
Coakley: I think we need it. And I think we have for too long looked the other way. I think we've had a federal policy that doesn't make sense. I firmly believe that we need a good pathway to citizenship. And I know serving as district attorney we always paid attention to the person and not their status...
B How do we secure the borders? How do we stop more undocumented workers from... [crosstalk]
Coakley: I agree that's an important piece of it. And our policy should be to make sure that we have appropriate visa policies for workers that we need in particular parts of the country. But we're always going to have open borders and it's going to be difficult...
A Clear Choice
The people had a chance to choose which candidate was on their side on illegal immigration and Brown won. The people have spoken; now will Washington listen - or will it continue to ignore them?

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8 years 9 weeks ago, 9:46 AM


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Then NY and CA can do it. Okay, maybe not California, but New York should be able to get it done.

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8 years 9 weeks ago, 9:49 AM


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but this has restored just a little faith in people with brains getting out to vote.
It takes a clear pic of what these assholes were trying to do to the common working man.
You piss of enough people and you are history!

8 years 9 weeks ago, 1:55 PM


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Who voted

Independents carried the election. Democrats overwhelmingly outnumber Republicans in MA, so the election was carried by Independents who voted to reject Coakley, and support Brown. Nationwide, Republicans cannot let themselves be fooled into arrogance and/or complacency. There's a very hard fight ahead if a significant number of Republicans are to be elected to nationwide office.

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8 years 9 weeks ago, 3:27 PM


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still believe that the Democratic is the party of their parents/grandparents...for instance, years ago the DEMS were more in the middle politically and the Republicans were the true conservatives...however the scale as been forever sliding to the left...hopefully this is the beginning of a correction. I was extremely happy with this news, however it was more fun watching Keith Olberman, Rachel Madow and Chris Mathews just going crazy today trying to find any excuse other than the truth...that people are finally waking up to Obama...PRAISE THE LORD!!! By the way, if anything is really odd with my posts today it is most likely because aboutu 45 minutes ago I really hit my head hard and I most likely have at least a minor concussion. Agree Runaway...NY will be easier than CA, but I think both are probably beyond our grasp...Massachusetts was a special case (with some many independent voters)--don't forget also, women don't elected to high public office there either...there were many factors in play here, but the overall problem is in DC for sure and people see it.

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8 years 9 weeks ago, 4:08 PM


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Mass Election

Someone go check on the Kennedys, they are trying to
roll over in their graves.
A Republican in Mass No way lol

A little rebellion is good medicine for the government Thomas Jefferson
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Posted by: samD
8 years 9 weeks ago

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