The Peter Principle

The Peter Principle

The "Peter Principle" is the concept applied in Corporate America where employees will rise to their highest level of incompetence. This used to be the case in almost all sectors of America until "Affirmative Action" came into being. The "Peter Principle" is still followed but, when an individual rises to their highest level of incompetence, and, they happen to qualify for an Affirmative Action program, then the sky's the limit for incompetence. ....VOILA. ....OBAMA. .....!!!! !

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was incorrect, but after 38 years in the Defense and Aerospace business, I can tell you from my observation, Peters was right, and thensome.
It is very perceptive of you to call attention to the interface between the Peter Principle and "Affirmative Action" [AA].
The executive order that created AA, created another gigantic bureaucracy, that became the "Big Brother" bully over us bad contractors. It is still there, called the Office of Federal Compliance Programs. This executive order and its revisions, created the necessity for "Affirmative Action Plans" [in writing] which among other things, required "goals and timetables" for any contractor who was "under-utilized" for protected class people in ANY job category.
Where the Peter Principle came in, funnily enough, was that the federal Compliance Reviewers who came to visit, did not know their own regulations.
Actually, for me, a Compliance Review, which most companies dreaded, was Fun on the job for me.
I never saw any protected class people get hired or advanced as a result of AA. If they were best qualified, they got hired or promoted, period.
No compliance reviewer ever took us on, because they knew we had the facts.

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