The Phantom

The Phantom

The Eberlestock Phantom backpack is the first product that provides an integrated drag bag and unique rifle case pack system. It allows you to carry your heavy weapon or Tactical Shotgun in the backpack, either with or without the concealing top-cover. If the cover is not mounted, you can withdraw a full-scale sniper weapon or Tactical Shotgun from the pack very quickly. Or, with the cover over the weapon, nobody needs to know what you are carrying, so your Shotgun or hunting rifle is completely hidden. And if you leave the backpack clips undone, you can still pull the shotgun right out of the integral shotgun case. The Eberlestock backpack could be the most important of all the Shotgun accessories you purchase this year.

Once you've checked out the Eberlestock backpacks.

The new Phantom backpack is a Gunslinger-sized backpack that is a brand-new original design. The Eberlestock backpacks are the only back packs with a built in long gun case. It offers the ability to remove the bag and straps from the patented Back scabbardâ„¢, which can then be combined with the top-cover to make an excellent drag bag. The Phantom is a front-loader, with two levels of varying-sized tuck-pockets lining its interior, PALS racks inside and out, and a fold-down shelf that can be used to divide the main compartment into upper and lower chambers. The Phantom backpack incorporates Eberlestock's unique approach to a variable-length rifle case which can hold from an M4 carbine, Tactical shotgun to bolt action long gun/ drag bag, and allows you to carry a wide variety of tactical weapons. It will accommodate most light arms that US military and police forces use, such as the M4 carbine, FN2000. The top-cover incorporates a pull-out sleeve that goes over the butt of the shotgun and the optics. It provides a good amount of overlap for keeping debris out of the gun compartment when dragging. The bag can fully enclose a weapon up to 60" in length.

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ok, where is the hidden girl at?

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my question would be : in a SHTF scenario would you want a backpack looking like this,knowing that it will catch some eyes,or do you go with a backpack looking more like a civi pack.I really like the way this is set up,i've been looking at this one

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open carry all the way.
unlike "today" visible firepower will discourage confrontation by liberals and most others.
These are very nice indeed.

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