PKato 15 Yard Target (Glock 19/9mm)

PKato 15 Yard Target (Glock 19/9mm)

Weapon: Glock 9mm
Distance: 15 yards
Location: Sucscon Road, Pittston, PA
Conditions: Partly Cloudy, windy (20-25 knots, steady) with gusts to 30-35 knots
cool, with temps probably in the lower 50s)

There maybe some other shots, especially in the head with one of the other
guns that day, but I don't remember for sure. The majority are with my 9mm.

* Note: There are 6 6.8SPC rounds in the target (my brother decided to shoot this target).
The 6 rounds are in the outer regions and head, no center mass shots with the 6.8

Note 2: While in Allentown two days ago, I handled a Kimber Ultra Carry...Sweet Gun! I was looking at the Ultra Carry, Stainless Steel...might just need to go find one...!

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Doh, one more time Pkato

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