Plum Crazy AR15 Stripped lower $64.99

Plum Crazy AR15 Stripped lower $64.99

$64.99, PlumCrazy Firearms Stripped AR15 Lower Receiver Brand New
posted: June 25, 2010, 12:07 PM


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You are Looking at a Brand New AR15 Stripped lower Receiver Made by PlumCrazy Firearms in Lake Havasu City AZ. It is a Polymer Composite Fiber Reinforced Receiver Stronger than aluminum and as light as carbon fiber. It comes with a Lifetime warranty. This is a ballistic Grade Mil-Spec Receiver that has been tested and proven to be the next wave in the firearms industry. Everyone is using polymers NOW. Glock,Springfield, Bushmaster, Taurus, S&W, Colt, FN, Sig Almost every manufacturer has gone to polymer. We offer a 100% customer satisfaction assurance if you dont like it just send it back and we will refund your money. Nobody offers that. Dont take my word for it read the blogs. We sell the stripped Receiver for $64.99 Delivered or You can buy the Complete Lower Receiver Assembled for $129.99 delivered . Now Tell me who has deals like that!. we are the Exclusive Distributors so there is no middleman involved buy from the source and save. We have complete CMMG upper for $450.00 delivered and AR15's Starting at $599.99 check out our websites for more information. or you can also email us for any questions or concerns to [email protected] or [email protected] call toll free 866-669-6434 fax 928-669-5756 all sales must be made through a licensed dealer you are buying a gun so please know who your transfering dealer will be. We only ship to dealers so please dont ask any diffrent.
912 California Ave # B,
Parker , AZ 85344

Don't know anything about this company or product, just throwing it out there...samD


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R-guns has them for 65.00 as well.

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sells a few builds with these... not sure I trust polymer internals myself

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