Pocket Pistols For Survival - Story from the Survivalist Blog

Pocket Pistols For Survival  - Story from the Survivalist Blog

Pocket Pistols For Survival
I'm sure many readers will question the logic of including a “pocket pistol” in the survival battery. After all there are better, more effective tools available for self-defense and survival.

I agree there are better weapons for saving your skin. But the pocket pistol, being small and light is likely to be with you when you need it and not left behind because you didn't want to carry the weight and bulk of a more effective weapon.

Even a mid-size handgun like the Glock19 can be a pain to lug around all day, especially while doing chores like cutting firewood, mending fence or tending the garden. A small handgun like the Beretta 21A Bobcat can be carried all day, without any trouble and be available when needed.

For example; a few days ago I was picking tomatoes from the garden, dusk was filling the sky and I was in a hurry to get what I needed to fill the canner, before the last minutes of light slipped into darkness.

Just as I was reaching in to pluck a big juicy red one from the vine I spotted a copperhead (pit viper) lying beneath the plants on the ground - to be honest, when I saw the thing, I nearly pooped my pants.

The first shot from the little Beretta Bobcat missed by about two inches (danged small sites) it quickly curled into strike mode, the second and third shot found the target.

It measured 30 inches end to end and was as fat as I've ever seen. I hope this is the same one that bit my dog a few nights ago. He has been bitten two times within the last four months. Looks like after getting hit the first time he would have learned his lesson. But then he's always been kinda slow.

I always carry the Beretta in my hip pocket when working around the place, it's not the best defensive tool, but it's always there; unlike the 12-gauge taking up space in the rack.

It's been said before that a handgun is best used to fight your way back to your shotgun or rifle. I couldn't agree more.

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