Political Correctness Turns Deadly - Fort Hood Killings Expose "Lame-Stream" Media

Political Correctness Turns Deadly - Fort Hood Killings Expose "Lame-Stream" Media

Political Correctness Turns Deadly
Fort Hood Killings Expose "Lame-Stream" Media
O'Reilly Factor -- Fox News -- November 6

O'Reilly: So what say you?
Bernie Goldberg: Well, I thing there's a virus, Bill -- a politically correct virus – running through the bloodstream of America and it's killing, it's absolutely killing American journalism. Here's gunman who you rightfully say is either a Muslim terrorist or a crazy person. And, there's reason to believe – there's reason for the media to believe -- that religion played more than a passing part in all of this. Somebody with his name went on a radical Muslim Web sight and extolled the virtues of suicide bombing. He allegedly told friends that as a Muslim he couldn't go to war a kill other Muslims.
So what's the story line? Not all, but much of the lame stream media – and by the way that's what I'm calling them from now on, the lame stream media – what's the story line they run with? Religion? Of course not, you can't do that – he's a Muslim. They run with post traumatic stress syndrome because that gives them a chance to take a shot at a couple of wars they never liked from the get-go.
O'Reilly: Post traumatic stress syndrome must be contagious because Hasan never served over there.
Goldberg: That's right... And I'll tell you another thing, Bill. If a white Christian had gone on a rampage and there was a whiff, even a whiff that his religion played some role in that rampage; that would be the lead.

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greg az

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fact, fact, fact

Amen to Bernie Goldberg, and Ben Stine, both of these Jewish gentlemen are hitting this issue dead solid on the money. Had a Christian Conservative done this it would have been the first issue when the networks reported it.

a man has to hold his word, hold his beliefs, and hold a good sight picture.
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