Practice more. Argue less

Practice more. Argue less
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Posted by: Saint J.M. Browning
5 years 12 weeks ago

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Pistol 2
Shoegun ?? Bizzare. Outré I'd say
My adventure
Gene Wilder sez!
Colt & Glock
FN Tactical JPC .45 ACP : $ 1106.84
CZ 75b
Taurus Curve
and since your set up for .40 all i need to do is slide in my .357 sig barrel? Marry me! lol
CZ M70A 9mm Luger II
New Commemorative Pistol
XDM 9mm  5,25
Para P 14 LDA
The Modern Old School Set
Charlton Heston - Friend of the 2nd & NRA
Ruger SR1911

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