Pretty Bipartisan also!

Pretty Bipartisan also!

Updated January 21, 2010
Congressmen Voice Opposition to Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants
By Diana Nguyen

Reps. Frank Kratovil, D-Md, Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah., Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., and Glenn Nye, D-Va., and 10 other Republican and eight other Democratic were co-sponsors in introducing the legislation.

printemailshare recommend (6) WASHINGTON -- A group of 22 congressmen called on Congress on Thursday to reject amnesty for illegal immigrants and enforce employment restrictions on non-citizens.

The Bipartisan Reform of Immigration through Defining Good Enforcement Resolution, HR 1026, or BRIDGE resolution, outlines the key principles of immigration reform, the lawmakers said.

Reps. Frank Kratovil, D-Md, Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah., Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., and Glenn Nye, D-Va., and 10 other Republican and eight other Democratic were co-sponsors in introducing the legislation.

"Marylanders, including immigrants who have come here legally to live and work in our state, are tired of the drain that illegal immigration has put on our economy," Kratovil said through his communications director. "This resolution reflects my belief that we should honor the contributions of those who have come here legally and continue to play by the rules while punishing those that knowingly break our laws."

The resolution calls for all employers to adopt E-Verify, a federally operated, Internet-based program that confirms the status of workers.

Ajmel Quereshi, director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland Immigrants Rights Project, said the ACLU has been opposed to the E-Verify system for years.

"There is a high rate of errors," Quereshi said. "Vast numbers relate to U.S. citizens, documented immigrants and people here lawfully allowed to work."

The Social Security Administration reviewed E-Verify, finding: "approximately 17.8 million of its files contain erroneous data, 12.7 million of which concern U.S. citizens," said Quereshi, who also brought these results before a Senate committee reviewing the program in March 2009.

The resolution also asked Congress to provide resources for adequate security and control along the U.S. borders and to reject amnesty or legal status of those breaking the law.

"Immigrants are welcome to our country, but through the front door not the back," said Chuck Floyd, one of the founders of Help Save Maryland, a grassroots organization opposed to illegal immigration. "I support our existing laws and the American workers."

Capital News Service contributed to this report.

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8 years 4 weeks ago, 4:03 PM


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the left will turn a blind eye to this of the core issues/responsibilities that the FEDS actually are entrusted with!!!

Patrolman Kato
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They are the American people's liberty teeth and keystone
under independence. -- George Washington
8 years 4 weeks ago, 7:09 PM


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then let them work it off by building a wall and clear cutting a 100 yd clear swath on each side of the border. Like a "No Mans Land" They can live on MREs in surplus tents, teach them how to dig a slit trench and live in the desert. Pay them minimum wage, no benes, and deduct taxes.
When they have worked off their fine, they can walk back across the border with a certificate that says they may apply for citizenship. The fine would double each time they are caught here illegally. $10k, $20k, $40k fines and then they can work it off. We have streets to sweep and sewers to clean...

8 years 4 weeks ago, 7:15 PM


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that's a good idea

hold them to 32 hours,in effect they would get the same as a walmart employee.I'd charge them for room and board too,no free rides.There are citizens doing it all over the USA.

i tried being reasonable,i didn't like it, NRA LIFE MEMBER,USMC VETERAN
8 years 3 weeks ago, 2:28 PM


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Or just shoot 'em

Less chance for clerical errors that way

"I have always been a soldier. I have known no other life. The calling of arms, I have followed from boyhood. I have never sought another." From The Virtues of War, by Steven Pressfield.
7 years 43 weeks ago, 7:19 AM

Lyle Hutchins 1

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Feb 2009
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Or just shoot 'em
Less chance for clerical errors that way!!!
I agree!! (love cut en paste!)
Or have samD sit on the US side of the boarder, and pick um off out in the desert with a .50 Cal.
Shyte the buzzards gotta eat Too!

Lyle Hutchinson
7 years 43 weeks ago, 7:25 AM

mike metcalf

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Apr 2010
alamogordo, new mexico, United States

the NM national gaurd is getting deployed to the border within the next few days.I have a couple of freinds going,lucky bastards

guns dont kill people,fathers that have daughters kill people
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Posted by: samD
8 years 4 weeks ago

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