Previously unknown program of strict gun control made public by news agency

Previously unknown program of strict gun control made public by news agency

Previously unknown program of strict gun control made public by news agency
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August 6, 2012
By: David Codrea

. .They couldn't have written the newly-disclosed 2009 regulations any better themselves.
Credits: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

•Data revealing a previously-unreported national government "gun control" program, instituted in November, 2009, has been obtained and disclosed for the first time, a leading news agency reported earlier today. “[R]ules on the supply, transport, storage and usage of guns and their instruction system” have been revealed to show sweeping and strict regulations that include severe criminal penalties for violators.

Many of the adopted provisions, enacted “to contribute to the guarantee of social safety and the protection of the people's lives and property” by “‘setting up [a] strict system’ on registering, storing and using firearms,” fully comport with a wish list of goals that have been articulated for years by leading U.S. anti-gun politicians, organizations, and media supporters, who justify their identical demands with the exact same reasons.

“Under the regulations, guns are allowed only for...‘primary purposes’ including executing official duties such as keeping guard and training,” the report reveals. “Institutions, businesses, groups and the public are prohibited from possessing or transacting firearms according to the law, which also banned lending, smuggling, destroying and self-producing firearms.”

Importantly, and lending teeth to the measure, “[t]hose who violate the rules, resulting in ‘stern consequences,’ are subject to administrative and criminal liabilities.”

Not mentioned in this column’s first paragraph: The report was filed by the Yonhap News Agency about a law enacted in North Korea “to tighten control over the society…” as a protective measure to prevent "chaos" after Kim Jong-Il had a stroke and was lining up tyrant-in-waiting son Kim Jong-un to succeed him.

The similarity of reasons and goals shared by enemies foreign and domestic should hardly surprise anyone who’s been keeping an eye on the ball. Weed out the ignorant and focus on their manipulators, and the reality that “gun control” is not about public safety becomes apparent. It’s always been about a “monopoly of violence.”


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